get to know me meme | 5/? favourite movies » The Mortal Instruments series
↳ ”So you’re saying that what brings you peace … is war.”


I’m pure at heart, it repels the dirt.

TID appreciation week → day five
↳ favorite relationships: Tessa Gray and William Herondale

“Marry me,” he said. “Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be called Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it.”

screencap meme | the mortal instruments → hair porn {asked by therewereheartsinmycupcakes}

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Say something, I’m giving up on you
And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
And anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

and all the devils are h e r e

"try the mongolian draw"